enero 28, 2022


Por Simply Sheneka

If people only knew that compatibility is born in Hamingja. If a man's Hamingja is stronger than a woman's inner masculine,  then she is free to be soft and feminine (what every man wants in a woman). But if a man's Hamingja is not strong, then the woman has to be masculine and face the energetic patterns of the unknown with her own inner masculine.  She becomes hard, callous, determined...much like a man and a man does not find those desirable traits so he runs from that woman. She is then left to keep defending herself and building her own world. 

What men don't realize is that if they build their Hamingja, then women act around them much differently.  Women don't realize that when a man runs from her or cheats on her, it's not about any judgement of her as a woman, it's the man who is reacting in retaliation to her inner masculine Hamingja.  Her inner man is more powerful than the man, so he bolts. 

When a woman builds her Hamingja,  she learns to love through all odds and her creativity and philosophy and magical insight grow. 

When a man builds his Hamingja, he sees every challenge as a gift, for he knows he is on the eternal Hero's quest. He dislikes comfort in all things and seeks challenges in all his selves. He values those who challenge his ego for he begins to wax in wisdom.  

If the Hamingja is damaged or being leeched out, both genders will seek only for comfort and familiarity and detest any growth beyond the current egoic structures. 

This is how Love...How Frøyja, the great Goddess of Love teaches all men in Öđr how to grow in magic and Hamingja.

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