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UPDATE MAY 2020: I’m thrilled to announce that I am officially a homeowner! After years of hard work and dedication, I have accomplished one of my long-standing goals. I am incredibly proud of myself and feel truly blessed.


Hello lovely ladies, I want to share with you some of the simple steps I took over the past two years to repair my credit. My journey towards financial stability began when I faced a challenging period in my life where I couldn't even get a cellphone on my own due to my past financial mistakes and lack of financial literacy. I realized that in order to thrive and flourish as a woman, I needed to take control of my financial health and create a solid foundation for my future.

As women, it's crucial that we operate from a place of financial stability and security in order to fully embrace our feminine energy and take care of ourselves. When we are burdened with constant financial stress, it's challenging to prioritize our physical and mental well-being, which are essential for our personal growth and overall well-being. By establishing a strong foundation of financial stability, we can create a healthy and empowering environment for ourselves to grow and thrive.

When I began my credit repair journey in 2016, my credit score was a mere 536. However, through consistent effort and determination, I have successfully increased my credit score to 760+ as of 2020, and it continues to grow. As I reflect on my journey, I am filled with a sense of accomplishment and pride. I have come a long way from the days of financial struggles and credit woes. Repairing my credit and taking control of my finances has transformed my life in ways I could have never imagined.

Here are some of the initial steps I took to start my journey:

  1. Paying off debt: I first paid off the debt that I owed and couldn't avoid. For the other debts, I challenged them and claimed fraud, as there were some fraudulent items listed. To my surprise, they removed almost everything when I challenged them. And here's a pro tip - when you pay off any debt, make sure to keep all your receipts of payments. Once it's paid or challenged, you can have those negative items removed from your credit file altogether. It's a game-changer!
  2. Building credit with a secured credit card: A friend told me about this amazing company called First Premier Bank that offers secured credit cards. It's a great and safe option to guarantee that you won't overspend, as it has a set spending limit every month. This helped me discipline myself with my spending habits. My spending limit was $300, which was more than enough for me at that time. I only used it for essentials like gas, food, and miscellaneous items, and I made sure to pay the bill every month. This helped me create a positive payment history, which is crucial for increasing your credit score. It's like having a permanent trade line that works wonders for your credit!
  3. Repairing credit with Lexington Law: I used a reputable credit repair company called Lexington Law to remove all the negative inquiries from my credit history. It took them about a year to do so, but it was worth the wait. Once everything was removed, I was ready to embark on my real financial journey. I went and got a leased car, and I made sure to pay the bill on time every month. When my lease was up after 2 years, my credit score had shot up to 700! It was another example of a positive trade line that helped increase my credit due to my good payment history.
  4. Managing my credit with American Express: Now, I only use my American Express credit card as my only credit card. I use it mainly for my businesses, and it's been amazing because it offers so many perks that not only help me save money but also make my life easier and more enjoyable. As a beginner, it's important to keep your credit card usage low, ideally below 30%, to avoid falling into major credit card debt. Remember, credit is a powerful tool, so don't abuse it or let it send you spiraling into financial distress. 
  5. Celebrating milestones and progress: Throughout my credit repair and financial journey, I celebrated every milestone and progress I made. Whether it was paying off a debt, increasing my credit score, or achieving a financial goal, I acknowledged my achievements and rewarded myself for my hard work and dedication. Celebrating my progress kept me motivated and inspired me to continue taking steps towards financial success.

June 2022" - My Dream Car

Update March 2023: I no longer have the First Premier Bank credit card as I have achieved my credit goals. I now solely use my American Express credit card for my financial needs.

Here are some additional tips for you, lovely ladies:

  1. Prioritize paying your bills on time. Setting up auto pay is a great way to ensure you never miss a payment. Remember to review your bills to verify that you are not being overcharged, and make sure you always have enough funds in your account to cover the charges. Being diligent with bill payments will reflect positively on your credit score.
  2. Consider becoming an authorized user on someone else's credit card, preferably someone with a solid credit history. Their responsible credit usage can help boost your own credit score, even if they don't actually give you access to the card. It's a smart move that can accelerate your credit-building journey.
  3. Don't expect instant results. Building good credit takes time, patience, and discipline. It's a gradual process that requires consistent effort. Be patient, stay vigilant, and make wise financial decisions. Remember, financial responsibility is a key that unlocks the door to many opportunities.
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One of the most rewarding aspects of my journey has been the knowledge and wisdom I have gained along the way. I have learned valuable lessons about money management, budgeting, investing, and the power of delayed gratification. These lessons have not only improved my financial situation but have also shaped my mindset and outlook on life.

In addition to the tangible financial improvements, I have also experienced personal growth and empowerment. Repairing my credit and taking control of my finances has boosted my self-esteem, increased my confidence, and expanded my sense of possibility. I have learned to value myself and my financial worth, and I now approach money matters with a sense of empowerment and assertiveness.

Today, I stand proud as a financially empowered woman. My credit score is excellent, I have a well-managed budget, multiple streams of income, thriving businesses, and investments that are growing steadily. I am no longer burdened by financial stress, and I have the freedom to pursue my dreams and live life on my own terms. My journey to financial success was not easy, but it was worth every effort and sacrifice. I hope my story inspires other women to take charge of their financial future, repair their credit, and create a solid foundation for their lives. Remember, with determination, discipline, and the right strategies, you can achieve financial success and thrive as the empowered woman you are!

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  • Halley septiembre 12, 2022

    I’m just starting this journey and I tried before,but Out of Order. Pay off debt 1st. Also, there’s Resolve Credit which helps you dispute for FREE. Or for donating. LexLaw was too much for me and costs about $150 to 250 per month, and if you haven’t paid off all your debts it’s a huge waste of $ and time. Experian helps for free and there is also Merrick Banks double your line card(not secured),and it’s good,as long as you stay disciplined. I have to do the secured card now cause we bec@me homeless last year due to dv. Today I am fully employed again, paying off debt and saving for a place. As a single mom(full-time) to a wonderful,strong, capable son with a disability and both parents (mine) ill (father is stage 4), it’s hard daily. But I let it motivate me. I applied for housing help. I advocate for my child and myself. And I am doing the work to heal and break generational trauma/abuse. As long as I keep going on this path and I stay disciplined and focused the outside will match the inside in the near future. But at my lowest point last year somebody, a very kind beautiful strong black woman told me I’m a goddess and then I found this page. So I bought a keychain and I put a sticky note on my mirror to remind myself that I already am. Money is great but it isn’t everything. It doesn’t define your worth. Ty for your blog and I hope you achieve your goals!

  • Amy Sangare julio 11, 2022

    Thank you for being open and honest! You inspire me everyday!

  • Shy marzo 06, 2022

    Thank you love you are really an inspiration to me ❤️Keep being epic Sheneka

  • Bio’re marzo 06, 2022

    Thank you so much! I’d also like to add another secured credit card company called Open Sky, they’re good too!

  • Joy C. febrero 27, 2022

    Thank you immensely Sheneka for always sharing, caring and helping to build us women up to be the best version of ourselves!!! I am grateful for u and I will definitely take this advice and implement them in my life because I must get my credit weight up!!!Again, Thanks soo so much!!! 💕

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