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Do you have a burning dating question? Is this relationship dilemma bothering you, keeping you up at night, or driving you insane?

How does this work?

You have selected the girl chat question option to receive a text or e-mail reply to your dating/relationship question from me within 24 hours. Once I have confirmed that your payment has been received, I will compose a detailed response and send it to your provided email address or phone number.

By completing the questionnaire, you can provide details about your situation. Click the "BOOK NOW" button to access the form and complete your booking. This information will be sent to me, and once I receive notification that your booking is complete, I will review your information and answer your question.

PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS NOT A PHONE CALL. Your question will be answered via email or text, whichever you choose.

Nothing is off-limits, and everything discussed is confidential.

SIMPLY SHENEKA is not a licensed counselor, therapist, doctor, psychic, or astrologer. Any advice given is based solely on my personal experience, research, and knowledge. 

All bookings are final sale, no refunds are allowed.

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J. (United States)
Thank you!

SHENEKA gave me the best and most honest advice. I love how brutally honest she is and she also provided resources! I appreciate you for creating a safe space for us to talk openly and freely.