Girl Chat Vent Session (2 Hours)

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My GIRL CHAT VENT SESSION focuses solely on your needs! Get comfortable, and open your heart, mind, and spirit. This is a safe space. Pick my brain about whatever is on your mind. Love, Men, Dating & Relationships, or do you just need Self-Esteem and Confidence Pep Talk? If it’s a big deal to you, it’s a big deal.

Sometimes, we just need to vent.

Nothing is off-limits​ during our sessions, and everything discussed is kept completely confidential. 

SIMPLY SHENEKA is not a licensed counselor, therapist, doctor, psychic, or astrologer. Any advice given is solely based only on my personal experience, research, and knowledge. 

If for any reason, I am unavailable at the booking time requested, you will receive a text or email from me to reschedule your requested time. Bookings are based solely on my availability.

All bookings are final sale, no refunds are allowed.

Customer Reviews

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Samantha G. (United States)
Feeling better.

Sheneka supported me in deciding whether or if breaking up with my long-term former boyfriend was the best move for me. I struggled to let go of someone who had become such a staple in my life, but Sheneka gave me the courage to do what I felt deep down was right. I was distracted by the stress of deciding whether or not to proceed with my break-up. Sheneka taught me to reserve my stress for "stress time" or our sessions together, which allowed me to continue on with my everyday routine without being weighed down by needless negativity. I felt like a weight had been lifted after completing the break-up.

Megan J. (United States)
Super Honest

Sheneka never provided me with the answers. She provided me with honest comments and, more significantly, forced me to focus on being honest with myself. Because, at the end of the day, you must first come to know yourself before you can truly get to know someone else.