janvier 25, 2022


Par Simply Sheneka

1. Be upfront from the beginning on what you desire. Nobody can confuse your intentions if you tell them right away. I'm looking for something serious. Add nothing more add nothing less.

2. Keep most of yourself reserve. Some men will feed off your likes, dislikes, and wants trying to mold themselves to being the man you desire but truly aren't.

3. Ask the 5 W’s. Who, What, Where, When, and Why.

4. Do not fall for anyone the first 3 months. “The first few months of meeting someone you are meeting their representatives. But sooner or later that rep has to go home, and the real person is left. Hold out. People seem great the first few months, but often turn.”

5. Date around, life is short. It is dumb to put all your egg in one basket.

6. Be mentally, emotionally, sexually, financially and physically stable. People who are stable are less likely to put up with bs, and they will spot bs.

7. Don't bend on what you want. No he didn't slip, no he didn't forget, no he didn't make a mistake. Think of dating like you hiring for a job for a business you own. How many times would you allow someone to mess up your business before you fire them.

8. Remember he can be a great guy and not be the guy for you. Don't compromise, if he isn't what you want let him go so he may find someone else.

9. Date actually DATE, go out, get to know each other, see how he treats staff, people on the street, and how he conducts himself in public. People watching will teach you a lot. People who treat others like crap for no reason are often crappy people.

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  • Kenzie février 15, 2022

    This was great advice ! Could you elaborate on number 3? Ask these questions in regards to what exactly? The date or himself ?

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