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Par Simply Sheneka

“When it comes to dating, a high value woman does not leave it to chance…”

1. Maintain An Aura of Mystery

Try to refrain from telling them too much about yourself. By doing this, you will intrigue (him/her) and keep them interested. They will be excited at the thought of meeting you, and will always look forward to seeing you again. Which is what we want to build up a strong attraction for.

**However….this does NOT mean you should be playing mind games! That will get you no where. You should simply release information about yourself gradually during the dating process, so that you do not become boring and too predictable.**

2. If They Loose Interest.. Do NOT Chase After Them

A high value woman DOES NOT chase after anyone! A High value women believes it’s not worth chasing or pursuing after anyone who is not taking the time to invest & make an effort to see her. **This rule can be Implemented in all parts of your life.**

If they goes as far as walking away, ghosting, and/or send mixed signals, they are definitely not worth pursuing in the first place. He has made up his mind about you. There is no point in trying to talk it through, in  hopes of changing his mind. Move onto the next!

In dating.. most men are not complicated. If he wanted to be with you, your heart will tell you & his actions will prove it. God/The Universe didn’t blessed us women with intuition for no reason!  If you’re currently questioning yourself right now: “Why is that guy is emotionally unavailable.” “Why he doesn’t talk to me…” Darling , you already know the answer... Your EGO just doesn’t want to accept it. He’s just not that into you!!

3. Date Men Who Like You More

When you wait for the guy  you like, to eventually like you back. You close many doors on good men  who really do like you, and have the potential to make you happy. I’ve seen this scenario play out so many times! A Women will reject/ friend zone a good man, for the typical ‘bad boy’. Then sit on social media & complain about why all men are F-boys and toxic, when things don’t work out.

There are many good men out there! You just pick & vet the wrong ones! Maybe he’s shorter than you imagined. Or he’s not that physically attractive. I’m not saying you should lower your standards by any means.  You should vet men by how much they invest in you. (ex: their actions & consistency) Not just by their appearance alone. Remember you are the prize!!

In Gentleman Prefer Blondes it was clear Gus Eisman obviously loved Loreli Lee WAYY more than she liked him, II obvious from the beginning. Lorieli was clearly with him for Gus’s assets...However, in the film Gus treated Loreli like the desired prize she was, until the end of the film! When a man is truly in love with you he’ll do almost anything too make you happy.

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  • Gabby juillet 27, 2022

    Yes!! Less is more great read

  • Shanay mars 21, 2022

    Absolutely love this article! Sheneka never fails to provide insightful advice on femininity and dating. She’s truly the big sister I’ve always wished for xo

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