juillet 21, 2022


Par Simply Sheneka
You can't LOSE something that was never yours, to begin with! When you get a specific level of experience, you're able to recognize which wells are worth digging in, which opportunities are legitimate diamonds in the rough, and which ones are phony cubic zirconias. A lot of the guys are scamming because they never had any intentions to financially take care of you...not because you weren't beautiful, charming, interesting, cool, or sexy enough but usually because they:
  1. Can't afford to fully provide for another adult.
  2. Believe their entitled to have a woman bend over backward for free (aka they're seeking a "Pick-Me").

It's a good idea to recognize the signs of a scam so that you're able to remain calm and relaxed whenever your new prospect turns out to be a suspect.

Scammers don't believe in playing fair. Once you encounter a scamming toxic man, understand it's play or be played...predator on the prey. The only way to win with this man is to outsmart him and outscam him. 

Basic Self-Preservation Tips:

1. Never invest more than you can afford to lose. That way, if things don't pan out, you won't be bitterly disappointed, and you can move on easier.

2. Factor in a certain amount of loss in your budget and strategy plan. Even the best athletes miss some of their shots, you will too. It's impossible to hit a home run each time. Be prepared to take some L's in addition to your W's.

3. Decide which games you're prepared to play. All men play games. Find games you're comfortable playing. This way, you can maintain relaxed playful energy whenever a guy tries to get silly with you. What are your boundaries? Decide upfront what sort of vices and flaws you're willing to tolerate since all men are flawed.

4. Stop sucking the straw if the juice is drained. Once you realize you've gotten the best out of a man, it's time to cut, quit, and move on. Some men have bigger budgets than others, and once you realize you've reached the limit of how much he's willing to spend, move on. A man worth staying with is a man who is refilling the cup of juice after you're done drinking. In real-world terms, it is a man who continuously invests in your well-being, and consistently takes care of things for you, even after doing something big.

5. No Free Cookies. Every time he makes a request of you that is an inconvenience, you MUST get him to promise & agree to something that is to your benefit. There is NO FREE LUNCH and you have to set that precedent EARLY so he knows that there is a cost to deal with you.

If you encounter a man trying to scam, PLEASE DON'T BLAME YOURSELF! Some of men you meet will attempt to pull a fast one and try any one of the scams featured on the above list list. A scammer wouldn't approach you if you didn't have anything of value to offer, so remember that you are valuable and worth the wait!

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