janvier 28, 2022


Par Simply Sheneka

Step 1: Find your passion. 

Because you need a reason to live. If you do not have one, you get depressed. You become lonely. You develop suicidal thoughts. You feel worthless.

And no, going to college, having a job or getting married is not enough. These are goals that society taught us to adopt. What you need is your own personal aim. And you will only discover that once you start living your true passion. Which could be anything, from painting and dancing to hiking and tarot reading.

When you have a true goal, you have the will to live. Neither mental illness nor poverty can stop you from chasing it. 

Step 2: Look your best.

Body positivity is all well and good in theory. But in reality, body positivity has become a sorry excuse for some people to accept their average self instead of striving for their best self.

In truth, many body positivity champions are simply too lazy to work out, diet and take care of themselves.

You need to ask yourself if you are one of them. Because if you are, there is insecurity inside of you masquerading as self acceptance. And one way or another, that truth will come up to the surface. It will always prevent you from really loving yourself.

Step 3: Seek material stability.

Hating on rich people and bashing capitalism may be cool and all, but it will not help you pay your bills and buy the things you want.

Success is like a game. Complaining about the rules will not help you win. It will only make you look bitter and stupid, even. Instead, play it. And play as well as you can. Study hard, find a job, start a small online business, sell your art. Or find a rich romantic partner — to support you before you can support yourself.

Remember that spirituality is amazing. After all, that is what this blog is all about. But if the gods wanted us to just be spiritual, they would not have made us corporeal.

Step 4: Do not tolerate disrespect.

Respecting yourself means eliminating everyone who does not respect you. 

That means cutting off your toxic friends and breaking up with your abusive lover. If that is easier said than done, ask for help from those who can give it. No one with a healthy self-esteem stays in any abusive relationship. If your parents refuse to give you love, you may not be able to leave them yet, but stop craving their affection and work on yourself while you wait to get out of there.

Same with social media. Block everyone who sends you malicious energy. If that energy is particularly malevolent, avenge yourself by putting a curse on them. Even arguing is not worth your time. Let them drown alone in pathetic jealousy.

Step 5: Never need anyone.

Humans are social creatures with complex emotions. So I do not mean, be a hermit and stay a virgin forever.

What this is, is a culmination of all the previous points. 1) If you know what you want out of this life… 2) If you genuinely feel happy each time you look at your own reflection… 3) If you can financially support yourself in this material world of ours… 4) If you never let anyone walk all over you in any way at all… then and only then are you actually complete.

And when you are complete, it does not matter if a friend betrays you, a lover leaves you, or the world turns its back on you. You will always feel whole. And that is what it truly means to have a great self-esteem.

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  • Brittanni février 01, 2022

    omg this is exactly what i needed right now, I am in a period when I was about to wait on someone who not wait on me, to be realistic it just showed me how I do not put myself first and that is the main reason why I left in positions to get hurt. I put too much weight on people looking out for me when I choose selfish people. I need to find more people like me and nor the less look out for my self and do not put my self in a position to need them as much. thank you !

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