février 01, 2022


Par Simply Sheneka
A Goddess does not dream up some fantasy future that she wants to come true. She does not obsess over what the guy is or isn’t doing. She will not analyze his behavior. She has no deluded beliefs that being with him will somehow make her happier, more complete or make her life any better than it is right now.
She has fun in the moment and enjoys her interactions with her man. When she is not with him she’s not really thinking about him at all. She has fun every step of the way and doesn’t care how things turn out. Rather than being argumentative with him, she is turned off. She listens to support rather than to respond. She compliments good behavior and ignores the bad.
She never advises, scolds or complains. She creates a c-o-n-n-e-c-t-i-o-n. She keeps her heart and mind open to receive and give love. She is a soft place to land when he needs her. She is calm, centered and happy with her life so she smiles. A lot. She happily lets him do what he wants, even if it doesn’t include her. She simply makes other plans when he is busy.
She refuses to try to control him. She accepts what he has to give and never expects more. She leaves the past behind and focuses only on the present and future. If she likes how he treats her, she stays. If she doesn’t, she leaves. No drama. No tantrums. She NEVER gives him ‘the talk’. She is a true Goddess who knows her value, loves who she is and is happy with her life because she has a secret….she knows that all love grows from self love. 

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