I believe that Sheneka is someone I can relate to and whose beliefs and interests align with mine, which is what I believe has enabled so much of this amazing growth possible for me. Because, well, she's a cool lady, to put it simply and for want of a better expression, she is someone I listen to and whose voice and direction I hold in high esteem as a millennial and a peer. 

Kelly K.

This call was so amazing. I love how Sheneka makes you feel comfortable like you’re talking to a big sister or that ain’t you never had. She keeps it real and I love that, thank you!

Janisia T.

I had a call with Sheneka yesterday and it was everything I needed. I love the fact that she’s keeps it real and has a very warm and inviting spirit and personality. I appreciate what she does for us women, we need more women like her that will be honest and offer up help. Thank you so much.

Ashleigh W.

I was disheartened about dating in my forties when I started working with Sheneka. She pushed me to be honest about my dating history and provided me advice to attract the right men. With her help, I realized I couldn't wait for someone to find me. If finding a mate was a priority, I needed to prioritize dating.

Megan C.

Sheneka is such a gem and so knowledgeable. I appreciate you for helping me sort through my emotions and finding a clear head about my situation. You have inspired me to become a better woman for myself. Please don't stop being an inspiration to us women, we really need you!

Kristenn S.

The call that I had with sheneka was so amazing! She is so knowledgeable and down to earth. She’s straightforward and will get you together lol. But at the same time, she’s very passionate and truly loves to help us women. This call was exactly what I needed this morning, I will book longer next time because 30 min wasn’t enough! Thank you for offering a safe place for women like me to talk about things without judgment. You’re definitely an angel.

Karla W.

Thank you for our call today SHENEKA. I feel so much better after the advice you gave. I wish I had a sister like you growing up to help guide me. You’re truly helping us women out here!

Jasmine S.

SHENEKA is so easy to talk to! I was scared to book at first but I’m glad I did. She gave me the tough love and advice that I needed. Not only that, she gave me some great book recommendations! I can’t wait to chat again, thank you for offering this for us ladies who just need someone to talk to!

Nakia N.

Sheneka, I am so incredibly blessed
to have found you and followed you
years ago. The information that
you've shared with me on here has
truly changed (and saved) my life. I
never had positive women role
models or women that I truly could
learn and grow from in my teens
and twenties but I am so glad that I
found you now at 32. You have truly
been such a blessing to my life and I
am so incredibly grateful for you.
Thank you so much from my entire
heart. I pray that my Heavenly
Father continues to pour out HIS
blessings on your life and pour back
into you 100 fold for all of the
wisdom you've poured into my life.


I love and appreciate you! While other people's content revolves around men and women yours teaches the WOMAN to focus on WHATS BEST FOR HER & you allow us to decide which area that is, usually it's within most areas, you help women elevate all areas of their lives instead of just one, which is something not everyone is doing. When you focus on one area and neglect the other areas, you'll never succeed and that's something I've learnt from you! Thank you! 

Sophia T.

I’m 25 and I love you and I love what you’ve done for us women. You were instrumental in me leaving my relationship that started at 17 with a man who was 27 and groomed me to be accepting of his low standards. Was with him for 7 years, was called gold digger, mean, etc be I ran down on him about paying for everything because I realized most of the things you said on your page applied to me.... at already 22, and then 23, and then 24, and then just had severe spiritual unrest. Thank you sheneka!


Client Love ♡

I'm grateful to have helped my clients find quality men, fulfillment, and inspiration in their lives, and I take great delight in their achievements. Don't just take my word for it, find out for yourself.

Based on 40 reviews
Girl Chat Call (30 Mins)
heather m. (United States)
Informative, and helpful girl chat!

I spoke to Sheneka regarding a feeling that I had in a relationship. Not only did she confirm my feelings but she gave me so much helpful insights based on her own experience. It really felt like I was speaking to a girlfriend and I really appreciated the call. Booked with her twice already and I plan on booking the image consultation.

Virtual Image Consulting (2 Hours)
Iyana J. (United States)
Thank you Sheneka, for an excellent experience!

I recently had an image consultation with Sheneka, and I must say it was an incredible experience. When I contacted her to book the consultation, I knew I was in good hands. Her communication was prompt, and she made me feel comfortable and valued.

During out call, she took the time to listen to my needs and preferences. She gave me excellent recommendations on what would suit me best, taking into account my body shape, skin tone, and personal style. I appreciated how she took the time to explain her reasoning behind each suggestion, ensuring that I understood the process and felt confident in the decisions made.

What impressed me most was her attention to detail. She went above and beyond to ensure that every aspect of my appearance was considered, from my hair and makeup to my clothing and accessories. She even gave me tips on maintaining my new look, ensuring I felt confident and well-prepared moving forward.

Overall, I highly recommend Sheneka to anyone seeking an image consultation. She is professional, knowledgeable, and genuinely cares about her clients. I feel more confident and empowered after our session, and I am excited to put her advice into practice. Thank you, for an excellent experience!

Girl Chat Call (30 Mins)
Ava C. (United States)
Valuable lesson I learned.

I must say that I am extremely satisfied with my experience. From the moment I began my session, I felt comfortable and at ease discussing my dating concerns with Sheneka. Her expertise and knowledge about my situation was immediately apparent, and I knew I was in good hands.

One of the most valuable lessons I learned from our session was the importance of being confident and authentic in my dating interactions. You helped me see that it's not about trying to be someone I'm not or playing games to win someone over. Instead, you emphasized the importance of being true to myself and being open to connecting with others on a genuine level.

Girl Chat Call (1 Hour)
Hazel G. (United States)
Things worked out like you said!

Since our session, I've noticed a significant shift in my dating experiences. I feel more confident and at ease approaching potential partners, and I've had some great conversations and connections as a result. I also appreciate that your coaching went beyond just the "how-to" of dating and helped me to better understand myself and what I'm looking for in a partner.

Girl Chat Question (Text/Email)
Susan (United States)
Very Helpful!

I would highly recommend your dating coaching services to anyone looking to improve their dating experiences. Your expertise, personalized approach, and ability to open minds to new ideas are truly invaluable. Thank you for all of your help and guidance!

Get Paid To Text Guide
Shakira P. (United States)
Loved it

Has helped me make income on the side I love this book.

Get Paid To Text Guide
Lori A.B. (United States)
Loved it!

Loved it!

Exactly what I needed !

Had the best call with Sheneka ! I was in such a bad place when I called and she motivated me , uplifted me and made me feel so much better . It was the reality check I needed to remember I am the prize , I am a goddess ✨

Girl Chat Call (1 Hour)
KY (United States)
Thank-you so much.

Just wanted to say Thank-you so much. You have helped me more than you will realise. Have been correcting my mindset & healing over the last 2 years. Your energy is something I try to emulate when thinking what would my higher self do. I hope you know how inspirational you are. The advice you give us like the sister I never had. I pray that you are continued to be showered with health, wealth & blessings in abundance.

Girl Chat Call (30 Mins)
Kamela M. (United States)
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Sheneka reminded me that the basis of my dating life is ME… my self love, self awareness and boundaries! I’m so grateful for that. I’m definitely booking another chat. I think everyone needs a friend/coach like her to help recenter us or guide us while dating and living life as a woman. It’s so easy to be blinded by the manipulation of men. Just the reassurance that I don’t have to accept ANYTHING that I don’t want to. So encouraging. I’m happy to have someone like her to book a call with when I need some real logical advice!!!

Girl Chat Call (30 Mins)
Lalani R. (United States)
Thank You!

Sheneka is raw, honest, and transparent with her approach. She confirmed my views and also called me out on not bending my non negotiables. My self worth has elevated thanks to Sheneka’s coaching!

Girl Chat Question (Text/Email)
M.M. (United States)
Thank you!

SHENEKA gave me the best and most honest advice. I love how brutally honest she is and she also provided resources! I appreciate you for creating a safe space for us to talk openly and freely.

Get Paid To Text Guide
Bria J. (United States)
Love ,Love ,LOVE

It’s a great book highly recommended! You won’t be disappointed!

After The Breakup E-Book Guide
Mariah S. (United States)
Great eBook!

I liked it. It touched on all the topics that need focus. Will be sharing with my girlfriends!

Girl Chat Vent Session (2 Hours)
Samantha G. (United States)
Feeling better.

Sheneka supported me in deciding whether or if breaking up with my long-term former boyfriend was the best move for me. I struggled to let go of someone who had become such a staple in my life, but Sheneka gave me the courage to do what I felt deep down was right. I was distracted by the stress of deciding whether or not to proceed with my break-up. Sheneka taught me to reserve my stress for "stress time" or our sessions together, which allowed me to continue on with my everyday routine without being weighed down by needless negativity. I felt like a weight had been lifted after completing the break-up.

Girl Chat Vent Session (2 Hours)
Megan J. (United States)
Super Honest

Sheneka never provided me with the answers. She provided me with honest comments and, more significantly, forced me to focus on being honest with myself. Because, at the end of the day, you must first come to know yourself before you can truly get to know someone else.

Girl Chat Call (30 Mins)
Leslie S. (United States)

This call was so great! Simply SHENEKA keeps is real. I followed your IG after my friend reposted you and I’ve loved it ever since. You give away so much information to us ladies and truly keep it real. I’m glad I booked this call and I appreciate the book recommendations! Can’t wait to chat again.

Get Paid To Text Guide
Macy A. (United States)

Loved it ❤️

The Goddess Scripts Guide
Trish M. (United States)
Ladies you NEED this e-book, totally worth it...get it!

This Goddess Scripts Guide is pretty much straight to the point and will help you in many scenarios when you are dating. I love the no nonsense, no wasting time aspect of it all. This book is really different from the rest and stands out completely! Ladies you NEED this e-book, totally worth it...get it!

The Goddess Scripts Guide
Ariana S. (United States)
Love having the Goddess Scripts Guide!

Love having the Goddess Scripts Guide that are easy to tweak and make my own. I feel a lot more confident when dating because I know how to better articulate my needs.

The Goddess Scripts Guide
Ana G. (United States)
Soooooo helpful.

I’ve recently decided to start dating again, and I used these Goddess Scripts Guide to help vet and understand the type of men I’m dealing with. I’m so happy that I have them. I cannot thank Ms. Adams enough! The fact that she thought to help us in this way, among many others, I’m eternally grateful! I’m excited about everything I’m learning, and I pray more and more about the review stating Sooooo Helpful!

The Goddess Scripts Guide
Tiffany M. (United States)
A must-buy ladies.

At first, I was skeptical because I thought this was just someone else trying to make money fast. These Goddess Scripts Guide work. I used them on someone, and things worked out well for me. I did change them around a bit. Thank you for creating these. A must-buy ladies.

The Goddess Scripts Guide
Chanel M. (United States)
Sheneka is so gifted with words.

Sheneka is so gifted with words. She is eloquent and articulate. This gift she has is truly God given. Even if you already attract high level man, these Goddess scripts are extremely useful. Please don’t hesitate any longer. Purchase it NOW. You won’t be disappointed.

Get Paid To Text Guide
Martina (United States)
Got this yesterday from FB!

This is GOLD! Thnx for keeping us girls in the loop!

Get Paid To Text Guide
Ashley C. (United States)
So glad I purchased!

I didn’t know sites like this existed! Ive been busy making money since I got this guide! Love it.