February 01, 2022


By Simply Sheneka

I often read questions from women asking why the men they date behave a certain way. For example, they say “he used to call me everyday now he goes days without calling me, why do you think the frequency of his calls have declined or my boyfriend looks at other women in front of me, why does he do that?”  

Women spend hours on the phone with friends, searching the internet, reading books, and maybe even consulting with a psychic or two in an effort to figure out what men are thinking and why men behave the way that do. Women fail to realize how simple the male thought process is and end up adding unnecessary complexity and stress to their life. Here are a couple easy ways to answer those “why is he doing XYZ” questions.  

1. The “if it was me” or IIWS approach, which allows you to switch roles and perspectives with men. To apply this approach simply ask yourself how would I have to feel about someone in order to behave the way he is behaving. For example, in order to for me to ghost someone I’m dating then periodically contact them only to ghost them again, I would to have not really like or respect the person and have no fear of loosing them. 

2. The “if my friend needed advice” or IMFNA approach allows you to remove the emotional attachment of actually being in the situation. To apply this approach you would simply pretend that your friend was seeking advice about the situation you are facing. Often times our judgement is clouded by emotions and feelings but when a friend asks for advice we are able to see the answer clearly. Use this technique to quickly assess men’s behavior and come to a reasonable conclusion.  

No more wasting time trying to figure out why a man is mistreating you. Using these approaches will allow you to quickly remove unworthy men from your life. Goddesses don’t fret, worry, and stress. Instead goddesses quickly dismiss those who do not recognize their value.

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  • Rosa On March 27, 2022

    I have to translate from english to spanish so quick 🤣 But so worth it to be able to reach this information. Women from everywhere should benefit from this amazing Page. Love it, hace a good day and salutes from Spain.

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