junio 02, 2022


Por Simply Sheneka

There's a shift happening on so many levels, so many things are going on in the spirit world that it's only fair to give you guys a warning. I know what it's like to not have any context/people giving you the real. Keep that in mind while reading this.

Women, some of us are truly goddesses reincarnated. No, this does not mean every woman is, every woman doesn't have that feminine essence, but the woman who does is usually unaware of it. Ever wonder why some women tend to spit other women despite being aesthetically pleasing to look at, but their vibes are off?

Feminine energy is the most loving, nurturing, protective, creative, expansive energy there is. However we are also receptive to everything if not careful. Everything ain't for everyone, and we shouldn't consume everything.

There is a war going on, where some spiritual men & women are collecting feminine energy without giving anything in return. They study your charts, study your history, and study your energy.

Stop venting to men & women, about your traumatic problems. Stop opening up telling them your dreams, don't fall for that "divine feminine bs.” The reality is, most men are NOT deprogramming from christianity, which means they still feel entitled to feminine energy. What does it mean for the unwitting goddess sleeping?

It means, if not aware of how they’re gaining access, you will be used to do their work for them. Spirituality isn’t a contest to see who can decode the most symbolism, rant about chakras nor "act" like they're in tune with the goddess. However some men & women are using buzzwords and "symbolism" to lure naive women in. What do this mean?

You know how nice guys usually are rejected on some level by a woman who has caught his eye? This rejection lingers in their auras over time, and this is why you feel resentment no matter how "loving" their vocabularies may be. Men are visual creatures, they can see energy, feel energy and yes, they plot and steal energy all the time.

One way is by actively participating in pseudo-concious shifts. They report on social media every nee challenge & developement in their "paths/journeys" they open up to disarm women, but their intentions are usually to get you to pay attention to them. Attention is ENERGY. Conversations are ENERGY EXCHANGES.

Once you trust them, they attach like leeches. Their emotions become yours and you begin feeling crazy, like repressed emotions come up but you can’t trace the source. It isn't YOUR energy, that's why. Some mmen are emotionally inept, the don't deal with their own emotions so they use women to transmute the energy for them. You get their b.s. they get your essence.

This leads to mood swings, attitude changes, aggressive behavior and sometimes a light form of depression

But, he's all of a sudden happy, free, lighter. This is an energy vampire.

Most "love & light" men are on this. They talk about auras, clean eating, but will not talk about releasing old programming to be honest. If he selling herbs, crystals, candles I beg you, RUN FAR AWAY.

It's like the popular guy who gets all the girls, but will let you know up front what he's on. These "nice guys" seperate themselves, but really are harboring insecurities beyond what they can see. This causes their manipualtive behavior and is also the reason they seek goddesses to feed from. In actuality, they're bitter because NO MATTER HOW MUCH WORK they claim to be doing, they sit and hate on the next man and woman, and get irritated because they haven't tapped their own masculine/feminine energy. This leads to disappointments and pretending to be higher. They usually have mommy issues.

Don't get caught up chasing a "woke" man. More than half are still sleeping where it matters most. Healing the mentalities and releasing thought patterns where they feel entitled to us.

Always trust your intuition. Be careful young goddesses.

Artwork: Morgan Cerese Art

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  • Morgan Cerese febrero 28, 2023

    Hi! Thank you so much for using my art piece for your blog post. I love it!

    I’m commenting to ask if I can please get an artist credit/my name in the image caption?
    I’d really appreciate it.

    With love,
    Morgan Cerese Art

  • Kristin junio 04, 2022

    “The reality is, most men are NOT deprogramming from christianity, which means they still feel entitled to feminine energy. What does it mean for the unwitting goddess sleeping?

    …It means, if not aware of how they’re gaining access, you will be used to do their work for them.“

    This is SO TRUE! My ex was 100% an energy vampire. I was totally naive prior to that relationship. Lesson learned 🫶🏽💕

  • Keyana junio 04, 2022

    This is so true, when you truly do the work on yourself it becomes easier to discern and see the intentions of others. Thank you as always for your gems of knowledge 💎

  • Anna junio 04, 2022

    Thank you beautiful Sheneka for everything you do for us Women <3 I’ve learned a lot from you and I’m so grateful for You!

  • Krissy junio 04, 2022

    This is pure gold. You are speaking on a whole other level. God bless you for this blog! I plan to read it at least 5 more x’s!

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