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My GIRL CHAT CALLS focus solely on YOUR needs. You deserve a loving, safe, and passionate relationship with a man who exudes passion, strength, efficient leadership, and trust. You believe that it shouldn't be this difficult.

You're tired of putting up with disappointing relationships. You're sick of going out with one-night stands and mediocre dates. You're wondering if you'll ever discover that special someone with whom you have a close physical connection.

You want to attract "The One," but you're having difficulty learning how to draw in a potential spouse. Your girlfriends have moved on, and your family is pressuring you to get a boyfriend, get married, have children, etc. Another possibility is that you've just gone through a breakup or divorce and are afraid of how to manage all the changes in modern dating. You're going to scream if you must swipe left one more time.

At this moment, you are aware that seeking your ideal man requires effort and that, despite your best attempts, your soul mate will not suddenly appear in your life. It all boils down to "dating with intent," as I prefer to describe it. Once you date purposefully, you strive for a committed, long-term relationship.

And I can help guide you in your quest. Are you ready?

Nothing is off-limits​ during our sessions, and everything discussed is kept entirely confidential.

SIMPLY SHENEKA is not a licensed counselor, therapist, doctor, psychic, or astrologer. Any advice is solely based on my personal experience, research, and knowledge. 

If for any reason, I am unavailable at the booking time requested, you will receive a text or email from me to reschedule your requested time. Bookings are based solely on my availability.

All bookings are final sale, no refunds are allowed.

Customer Reviews

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Leslie S. (United States)

This call was so great! Simply SHENEKA keeps is real. I followed your IG after my friend reposted you and I’ve loved it ever since. You give away so much information to us ladies and truly keep it real. I’m glad I booked this call and I appreciate the book recommendations! Can’t wait to chat again.

Janisia (United States)
Got what I needed!

This call was so amazing. I love how Sheneka makes you feel comfortable like you’re talking to a big sister or that ain’t you never had. She keeps it real and I love that, thank you!

Kristenn S. (United States)
Thank You

Sheneka is such a gem and so knowledgeable. I appreciate you for helping me sort through my emotions and finding a clear head about my situation. You have inspired me to become a better woman for myself. Please don't stop being an inspiration to us women, we really need you!

Jasmine S. (United States)
What I needed!

Thank you for our call today SHENEKA. I feel so much better after the advice you gave. I wish I had a sister like you growing up to help guide me. You’re truly helping us women out here!

Karla (United States)
Thank you SHENEKA!

The call that I had with sheneka was so amazing! She is so knowledgeable and down to earth. She’s straightforward and will get you together lol. But at the same time, she’s very passionate and truly loves to help us women. This call was exactly what I needed this morning, I will book longer next time because 30 min wasn’t enough! Thank you for offering a safe place for women like me to talk about things without judgment. You’re definitely an angel.